„A Soul-Stirring Drama That Questions The Concept Of War

The lead and protagonist, Siva, played by Patrick Balaraj Yogarajan, has done a truly commendable job and has portrayed the character, emotional arcs to the tee. (...)

The war in our very backyard that went on for almost 30 years, is beautifully captured and portrayed in Soundless Dance. It is a magnificent story of civilians who were caught in the crossfire between politics and rebels, and were forced to pay a huge cost for it. When Siva reminisces his childhood, and revisits later on in a dream-like sequence, the bloody aftermath is disturbing and makes us rethink the rippling effects war can impose upon an average family- casualties, massacres, destruction and trauma. And all that suffering for what? For whom?“ 

-Srividya Vanamamalai, Voxspace India



2017 Linsenbündel/ Regie: Ghamkin Saleh/Rolle: Der Nachbar/Arta Film Produktion/ Schweiz/

Sprachen: Kurdisch,Deutsch


2016 Die Affordanz des Rindes/ Regie: Thomas Schertenleib/Rolle: Restaurantbesitzer/ ZhdK Design/ Schweiz/ Sprache:Schweizerdeutsch, Deutsch


2015 This is not Lampedusa/ Regie: Kapiri Thokozani/ Rolle: Mensch mit Fluchterfahrung/ ZhdK Film/Schweiz/ Sprache:Englisch


2012 Parvaneh/ Kurzfilm/ Regie: Talkhon Hamzavi/Rolle: Western Union Mitarbeiter ZhdK Film/Schweiz/ Sprachen: Schweizerdeutsch, Deutsch, Persisch,

Akademy Awards Nomination 2015


2011 Um die Wurst/ Regie: Raphael Höver/Rolle: Mitarbeiter/Kurzfilm/ Schweiz